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During the season premiere of Oprah's farewell season, five words whipped an audience full of Ultimate Viewers into a frenzy: "You are going to Australia!"

Relive the moment

Since then, Harpo staffers have been hard at work to create the trip of a lifetime. "It's one thing to say that. It's another thing to actually pull that off," Oprah says. "All I can say is think of your own family vacation times 302 people going to the other side of the world. Oh my goodness, that is a lot of work."

In all, Oprah's staff will produce four shows during their trip Down Under. "Two will be totally on tape—Oprah's whole adventure through the continent," senior supervising producer Jill says. "Two will be at the Sydney Opera House, with 6,000 people in the audience for each."

To Oprah, the experience is the most important thing of all. "The way I looked at the Australia trip was it is not a vacation for me. It's a vacation for the 302 people," Oprah says. "This is about creating the experience that people have never had, nor would have ever had access to."



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