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Finally, Oprah breaks the ice by telling Mark about her O.J. Simpson dream. In her dream, Oprah interviews O.J. and O.J. confesses. "Then all of a sudden Oprah gets in her groove," Sheri says. "Mark settles down. He can hear the question. He's answering it from his heart. It's more internal. And now you're watching a conversation."

The rest of the interview takes off from there. "Oprah doesn't do interviews with boundaries. She kept going there and going there and I have to say Mark handled it beautifully and he went with it and he had really good answers," Jill says. "It's funny, what he feared the most I think ended up being one of the most interesting interviews he's ever done and maybe one of the best things he's done for his career."

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Oprah is also pleased with the outcome. "I don't want anyone to feel disrespected. I don't want anybody to feel uncomfortable," Oprah says. "But in the end, I thought it was great because the truth in any form will set you free. I thought it was great."

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