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The morning of taping, Jill suggests Oprah stops by the greenroom to greet Mark before the show. "I don't go and talk to the guests beforehand," Oprah says. "I have found that people end up saying things to you in the private moment, [so] that when you try to get them to say it again on camera they feel like they're repeating themselves. So I don't like to do that unless I feel the guest needs some reassurance. Unless I need to be clear about intention. "

When Oprah and Mark meet again, Mark says he's clear about what the show will bring. "I think that they should know that they got a half of a story," he says.

But five minutes before taping, Jill is still nervous that Oprah will go places Mark isn't comfortable with. "He had some definite hesitations about some of the things that Oprah would talk about, but he can't come and then [say], 'No comment' and 'I'm not answering that question,'" she says. "He has got to give the interview that is worthy of Season 25. So it all hinges on if Mark comes to play."


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