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The morning of President Bush's in-studio taping, Jenna's pearls break, her shoe heel falls off and her pantyhose rip. "It's like a bomb went off in my bedroom" she says. "I was stressed out. I was sweating. Not the way to start out your big day."

Still, she's ready in time for her pre-show chat with Oprah. "It's part of my duty to go in and kind of set the agenda for how the show is going to work," Jenna says.

Oprah tells Jenna she has a new view of the Hurricane Katrina response now after reading the president's book. "When you read the facts and you get to see the process of what actually was done and looking at the whole picture, you come away with a different point of view," she says. "He didn't take the leadership role soon enough—that's the mistake he made. And that is perceived as racist because those were black people. The perception is you just let those people sit down there and do nothing when really their state government is what failed them."

Once on stage, Oprah tells Jenna she's going to let the interview flow the way it needs to. "I'm just going to feel it out and whatever feels most comfortable is what I'm going to do," Oprah says. "I think he has a real clear opportunity here to make some headway on the Katrina issue."



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