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Senior producer Jenna has taken on the Season 25 premiere and Oprah's Ultimate Favorite Things. Now, she's been given a new producing challenge—one of former president George W. Bush's only interviews for the release of his book, Decision Points

This isn't the first time George W. Bush has appeared on the show. While running for president in 2000, he sat down for an interview with Oprah—a conversation many critics say got him elected. "The person who made the biggest impression, who was the most comfortable in his own skin, who seemed the most likeable and the most connected was George Bush. And that's why people say, 'You got George Bush elected,'" Oprah says. "No, what happened was he was so comfortable being himself that it was easier for me to be myself and so the rapport was just an easier rapport."

Oprah is looking forward to sitting down once more with President Bush—especially after lending her support to Barack Obama's 2008 campaign. "Good journalism is supposed to be fair. I don't often think of myself as a journalist. What I do think of myself is a communicator and somebody who wants to do that in a fair manner. So once I came out for Barack Obama, I think a lot of people thought I was just a dye-in-the-wool Democrat, which I really am not. I have always voted based upon who I thought was the best candidate," Oprah says. "Having George Bush on Season 25 was a way of saying I am obviously a supporter of Barack Obama, but I think that his position also needs to be heard."


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