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After talking with the children, the interview wraps and the team breathes a sigh of relief. "I think my team worries more about how things are going to be—will I be OK? Will everything be OK?—more than I do," Oprah says. "Maybe one of the reasons I can do that is I have such a good team."

Mrs. Jackson then brings in a chef to prepare a special dinner for her family, Oprah and Gayle, who has come along to watch the interview.

Oprah says she felt a true connection with Katherine. "I can see why Michael loved her so much. The humanity and sweetness of her heart has remained exactly the same," Oprah says. "It's like she just moved from Gary yesterday. What I loved about that interview is that there was no pretense whatsoever and no showmanship."

After dinner, Oprah says she would like to call Katherine and sit down again—without the cameras. "I would love that," Katherine says.

Meanwhile, back at Harpo, another big interview is taking shape as senior supervising producer Katy and her team score the first major interview with freed American hiker Sarah Shourd, newly released from Iranian prison.  

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