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After speaking with Katherine in the library, Oprah heads outside to speak with Katherine and Joe in the garden. "We all didn't quite know what to do with Joe Jackson because I don't want to interview Joe Jackson. I'm not there to interview Joe Jackson, but I'm not sure Joe Jackson knows that I'm not there to interview Joe Jackson," Oprah says. "I could see he wanted to talk or was feeling like why are you talking to her and not me. I just thought, okay, let's just roll with it."

As the conversation evolves, Oprah asks Joe about whether he abused his children. "Listen, we've all heard the stories about Joe Jackson," Oprah says. "Most of the stories I heard came from his son Michael Jackson." 

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"These are not easy, breezy questions. I mean, she is going for it," Erin says. "The kids still have not joined the interview. They still have not sat down. I'm getting nervous if the rest of this interview is going to happen." 

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