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The day of the taping, it quickly becomes clear that nothing is certain. Inside, the team is still worried the children might decide not to talk to Oprah. Outside of Hayvenhurst's walls, paparazzi are staked out after hearing about Oprah's visit. "Today's the day of the big interview, and the first thing I want to do is make sure that the plan we discussed yesterday is the same plan that everybody's on today," Andrea says. "The worst thing that can happen now is that, you know, the kids could decide they don't want to do it."

Watch Andrea prep Oprah when she arrives 

Complicating matters are the dozens of unexpected guests inside the compound—including Michael's father, Joe. "There were at least 50 people around. Mrs. Jackson's people. And then there's Mr. Jackson and his people. Friends of the family and their people," Andrea says. "Every time we turned around there's more people."

Watch Joe greet Oprah 

As Oprah tries to find Katherine, she's intercepted by various bystanders. "There are so many different people in the house, and I couldn't tell who all those people were," Oprah says. "I'm just trying to meet Mrs. Jackson."

Still, Oprah's confident the interview will go well. "I believe that there's almost no situation that I can't handle, and it is whatever it is," Oprah says. "I can just sort of meld into whatever that moment is. I believe in staying present, staying now, dealing with that and not worrying about what is to come."