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The team does everything they can to make sure there are no surprises on this shoot. While scouting the property, the show team and Jackson estate agree to have Oprah do the first part of her interview with Katherine in the library. Before it became Katherine's library, Katherine's assistant and nephew Trent tells Erin this room used to hold all of Michael's awards before they were moved to Neverland.

As furniture is moved to accommodate the cameras, a Harpo crew member takes detailed digital pictures of the room so that everything can be put back in its proper spot.

Later in the day, Trent pulls Erin aside to discuss the interview with the children. Because of the number of people involved in making this interview happen, Erin says Trent started hearing stories that Oprah might not be the one talking to them. "He expressed a lot of concern about how Michael's children would be incorporated in this interview to make sure that Mrs. Jackson felt comfortable," Erin says. "She is their grandmother. She is their protector. She will do anything to make sure that they are handled in the right way."

Erin assures him Oprah will be the only person talking to the children on camera. "The call I don't want to make is that Michael's children will not be participating," Erin says. 


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