David and crew


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The pressure is on as the team goes on location to Hayvenhurst, the Jackson family compound, to make sure that everything goes as planned. Before entering the Jackson's home for the first time, senior field producer David lays down rules for his crew. "This is a very, very, very sensitive shoot. Be on your best, most professional behavior out here. That means no smoking at all. That means cell phone conversations—don't have them," he says. "No photography at all. Do not engage anybody on the property. If you need to know something, talk to me or talk to Erin."

Driving up to the door, the weight of the situation hits Erin. Although Katherine and the children have agreed to do the interview, there's no guarantee it will actually happen. "I had some nerves and butterflies. Pulling up was the thing where I went, 'Oh wow, we're really here. Michael Jackson's childhood home where his children live today.' It becomes very real very quick," Erin says. "One misstep, [the interview] could go away."

Andrea is also feeling the pressure to make sure Katherine and the kids will talk to Oprah. "In a situation like this, you don't really know what's going to happen until you are actually there looking at someone in their eye," Andrea says. "Especially in such a high profile background situation and such a sensitive booking."


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