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The team gives Oprah the good news in their pre-show meeting. "When we first started pursuing the Jackson interview, we never told Oprah that Michael's children might be a part of the interview because one of my booking mottos is under-promise and over-deliver," Cindy says.

Oprah is thrilled. "I never think anything's big," Oprah says. "But I think this is big."

Still, there's little time to celebrate. The conversation quickly turns to the real focus of the show. The Jacksons aren't just a famous family—they are a family coping with the loss of a beloved son and father. "The first thing I thought about, I have to say, was Michael Jackson and what would Michael Jackson say about his children being interviewed?" Oprah says. "And then, the question is how to do it in such a way that you're not exploiting the children."

Cindy has another concern to bring up to Oprah. "Mrs. Jackson told Erin her feelings were hurt that they never heard from you after the '93 interview," Cindy says.

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