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Life-changing surprises aside, Oprah says she's stunned by the amount of work the team put into the final presentation. "Second only to the actual taping of the show is the presentation for Oprah," Jenna says. "It's like planning a wedding to bring all that stuff together, present it in a beautiful way then whittle it down to the very, very favorites, which isn't always easy."

In the end, Oprah has 36 items on her list. Only 20 can fit in a show. "I wasn't gonna be able to eliminate so many things and wanted to be able to get them all in and to give each of them their proper focus," Oprah says. "I think you need two days of 'Favorite Things.'"

At first, the team is elated. Then, reality sets in—two scripts need to be written, two sets need to be built and 600 deserving audience members need to be booked. "From joy joy joy it turned into panic," Jenna says. "Have we bitten off more than we can chew?"

"I have an idea of how much work is going to go into 'Favorite Things,' but I have such confidence and such belief in my team that I don't worry about it," Oprah says. "There's just nothing that I think that they cannot do. I believe in them."


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