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The day of the final Favorite Things presentation meeting has arrived, and Oprah is about to make her final cuts. "This is the last presentation meeting, so I think we're going to really try and pack it with more items than ever before just to give a final big bang from our buck," Brian says. "Oprah's about to come down, and let's hope it goes well."

Before the meeting, however, Oprah's been busy hatching a surprise of her own. Oprah's longtime hairdresser, Andre, has developed a haircare line—and Oprah is going to make it one of her favorite things. "Andre has done my hair for the past 25 years. He has never asked for anything in 25 years and never tried to do any business other than just being there to do my hair," she says. "So when I heard that he was thinking about doing his product line, I wanted to help him."

Oprah heads down to the presentation and calls Andre down for what she says is a hair touch-up. As she discusses her final list of things with Jenna, she says there's one more she really wants to add. "I would like to do Andre Walker's shampoo," she says. "Congratulations, Andre. You made the cut."

Watch Andre's reaction. 

"I know it's such a big thing to be a part of and I know there were tons of people that wished they could have been a part of that," Andre says. "And the fact that she thought enough of me to put me in it, it was very heartwarming."


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