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Producers Jenna and Caroline are assigned to the most top-secret show of the year. "I've been working at Harpo for 14 years and I'm a senior producer. I've grown up with 'Favorite Things,'" she says. "I was a PA working on 'Favorite Things' and I grew up along with the show and it got bigger and bigger and bigger." 

Three months before the show is set to tape, Jenna's co-producer Brian sets up a gift suite of sorts for Oprah to browse through. "Before we actually tape the show, we have several presentation meetings," Brian says. "Throughout the season Oprah gives us notes. Her people give us notes about what she likes, what she's eating, what she's sleeping on, what she's reading. And then we put them all out in this huge presentation. It's literally like we create a shopping mall."

Go inside the secret Favorite Things closet

This first presentation only focuses on products that companies are willing to customize for Season 25. "For obvious reasons, companies would kill to be on 'Favorite Things,'" Brian says. "When they are featured on the show, their sales skyrocket. Their websites shut down. So giving away 300 to 350 items to the audience is really no big deal in comparison to the business they get."