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After producing Season 25 showstoppers like the return to Williamson and Jon Stewart, senior producer Jack is being lent to the Oprah Winfrey Network to help before the network launch. That gives his co-producer Bridgette a rare opportunity to step up and produce during The Oprah Show's final season. "Bridgette's going to be the leader of her team. She's going to be in pre-show meetings with Oprah and giving Oprah information directly," executive producer Sheri says. "It is a make-or-break moment. Get your chance, you better be ready."

Watch Jack deliver the news to Bridgette 

In honor of what would have been John F. Kennedy Jr.'s 50th birthday, Bridgette is producing a look back at Oprah's 1996 interview with him. "She's going to do wrap-arounds, kind of commenting and reflecting on her original show," she says. "It's kind of stressful because I will interview Oprah for two hours about the show. I'm writing questions and will be giving her direction."

Oprah says that show had many layers for her. "I remember where I was when John F. Kennedy Sr. was assassinated—in the fifth grade, Ms. Stag's class, walking home," Oprah says. "I remember John-John at the time. I lived through that era when they were Camelot and he literally was the prince of this country."



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