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While the booking might make headlines around the world once it’s final, behind the scenes it’s falling apart. Three days before taping, a court battle threatens to cancel the whole show. "I had heard that Mel Gibson's laywers were going into court to get a gag order to prevent her from talking," Jack says.

After court, Jack hears from Oksana's lawyer. "The judge is like, 'No, I'm not going to put a gag order,'" Jack says. "But then he looked right at Oksana and said, 'But anybody who goes on TV, I will hold that not to be in the best interest of the child.' So she doesn't want to do the show. She doesn't want to risk losing her child."

Jack tells Oksana's lawyer he respects her decision. Hours later, he receives another call from her attorney. "We got a call from Oksana's lawyer and they say she's being bullied and they feel like her best bet is to perhaps go on TV and make a case that she's a better parent than Mel," Jack says. "So now they're considering coming back on."

In his 15 years at The Oprah Show, Jack's never had a show cancelled. "I'm determined not to let that happen," he says.