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When the trout runs dry, it's onto mule riding. Oprah wants to skip it, but Gayle convinces her to give it a go. "When you're out in the field with Oprah, you have to be willing to give things up," Lisa says. "Thank God for Gayle because Gayle's the one who saved it."

Oprah says it's not that she didn't want to ride the mules. "I love the producers. However, they make the mistake of thinking all of this is fun for me," she says. "This is still work—with a little fun. Would I like to be able to ride some mules up a mountain and have a lovely picnic? Would I like to be able to go fly fishing? Yeah, I would love to be able to do that without all [the cameras]."

After a short mule ride, it's a wrap. "Good job," Gayle says. "The whole crew was amazing."

Lisa is pleased with the shoot. "We just wrapped. Oprah and Gayle left happy, I think," she says. "The next step is to edit. We're going to sit down and watch every bit of video tape we shot and we're going to find out where the funny moments are—where the sweet moments are—and put together the show."