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Oprah and Gayle's campsite is no ordinary setup. "On the surface it looks like just two women in a car going to Yosemite," Oprah says. "But if you're looking behind the scenes, you see that it takes an army of people." Specifically, 14 cameras, 35 crew members and a gourmet menu. Still, Lisa, an avid camper herself, wants Oprah to come away with a sense of what the full camping experience is like. "I grew up camping and so I thought, 'Boy, if Oprah and Gayle could get out of their box and do something a lot of Americans do, everybody would be really entertained,'" she says.

Having worked up a thirst setting up the pop-up camper, Oprah starts making her new favorite drink, Moscow Mules. When the crew can't rustle up a juicer for her lime, Oprah uses her teeth instead.

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The crew holds back laughter. "What I never thought was funny was me squeezing the lime with my teeth," Oprah says. "That's what you do I think when you're camping. You're resourceful. Not the most sanitary thing, but it's effective."

Watch Oprah and Gayle bring Moscow Mules to neighboring campers 



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