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After the show, the producers aren't sure how Oprah will react to the interview. "I was a little afraid to say what I thought of the show because I didn't want to put it out into the universe that this might have been a failure," Dana says. "I thought it was good because Suze was really tough on Nadya and we wanted her to be tough, but it felt a little bloody to me."

In Oprah's office, Katy says Suze might have been too hard on Nadya. Dana agrees. "It was a challenge because I know some people probably are going to watch because they want to see that, but it was a little much for me," Dana says.

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Oprah disagrees. "I have been there when Suze has given a smackdown to somebody, and it was uncomfortable for me. I wasn't uncomfortable today," Oprah says. "I did not think she was too hard. I don't think anything's too hard if it's the truth."

Sheri says she eventually saw Oprah's side. "Oprah set me straight," Sheri says. "If you're going to have Suze on—who's famous for her smackdowns—then you should not be surprised."

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