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On taping day, Scott preps Nadya, and Dana preps Suze. Back in the control room, executive producer Sheri is making her final preparations for the show. "I love a Suze smackdown more than anyone," Sheri says. "Our intention is that Nadya can really take Suze's information in, and that direct talk in, and really make some substantive changes."

As the show starts, Suze doesn't waste any time getting to Nadya's underlying problems. "Right toward the top of the show, Suze started to really lay into Nadya," Katy says. "We weren't expecting it to unfold like that."

As the show continues, Suze accuses Nadya of lying. "I got that feeling like, 'Ugh, this is too much. It feels too harsh'," Sheri says. "I'm a little worried that Nadya feels attacked."

At one point, Nadya says she hates herself. "That was a breakthrough moment, and it was very real," Katy says. "I think you don't actually see somebody changing right before your eyes, but I'm worried that this show is a little uncomfortable."

See what else Nadya said during the show

"That was not the right tone for this interview," Sheri says. "That was a fragile person."


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