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Before taping, Dana has a preparation call with Suze. "I guess what's so sad [is] she made enough money that she could have taken care of her kids for the rest of their lives," Suze says. "If we get her to admit the biggest admission in life, that she was addicted to babies and she made a mistake, this could be a very interesting moment."

Sheri says Suze always digs deep with the people she helps. "She spends time with people. Years later, she's still following up with guests," Sheri says. "She is the person we go to when we have somebody who needs financial help that's going to then become a lesson for all of us."

Oprah knows Suze will keep Nadya in check. "I think she put in about 40 hours going through all of Nadya Suleman's financial records. Suze knows how much money Nadya Suleman had made and how much she had squandered," Oprah says. "So if Nadya says, 'Oh I didn't have any money,' Suze will know that she's not telling the truth."



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