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Dana's team has decided to bring Nadya face-to-face with financial expert Suze Orman. "We all agreed that the only way to help Nadya is to put her in touch with Suze Orman," Dana says. "We knew that Suze would know exactly how to talk to her."

During her preshow meeting with Oprah, Dana reveals Nadya is worried about what Oprah will think of her. "She said, 'I'm really worried about what women think of me,'" Dana says. "I said to her, 'Are you coming here because you want Oprah's approval?' and she said yeah."

Oprah says Nadya won't get her approval, but she will get her respect. "This girl is very smart. She's really a person who has the ability to have a great deal of awareness about themselves," Oprah says. "I have respect for the fact that she's not the ninny that she's been portrayed as being. I have respect for that. But I just think this is one of the most irresponsible things I've ever seen."

Still, not everyone is so sure the show should go on—including senior supervising producer Katy Davis. "I have a lot of reservations about booking Nadya because there's so much controversy surrounding her," Katy says. "There's a lot of talk about her just having eight children because she wants to be in the press.  And so, we need to make sure that it doesn't look like we're exploiting her and her situation."