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The Australia trip is the biggest surprise the show has ever planned, and it's up to senior producer Jenna and co-producer Brian to make sure the episode comes off without a hitch. Jenna is no stranger to high-pressure shows—she  produced the flash mob kickoff party and Oprah's Favorite Things. "When I was told I was doing the season premiere, I was like, 'OK, this is great and this is terrifying,'" she says.

The season premiere's surprises don't stop with Australia. Brian is given the challenging task of bringing a group of road-tripping ladies to the Oprah Show stage...without them knowing it! After they're surprised with what they think is a road trip to Chicago to see the season premiere, the women will hit the road. Once in Chicago, the ladies will be told they're parking at the hotel—but they'll really be driving into Harpo Studios, which has been disguised to look like a garage. Once inside, their car will literally drive onto the stage during the middle of the season premiere taping, a feat that requires planning, precision and patience. "I don't sleep," Brian says. "I wake up in cold sweats at 6 a.m. with a to-do list."


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