Oprah and Gayle surprise Shelton

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As Gayle and Oprah drive to Yosemite, Lisa and her team follow in the car behind and plot Shelton's big surprise over walkie-talkies. "Park ranger Shelton, he's a very thoughtful kind of guy to sit down and write that letter about America's park system," Oprah says. "He is terrific. I think that's really great."

When time comes for Shelton's big surprise, the crew is disappointed to see he has no reaction. "He didn't even say, 'Hi, Oprah and Gayle,'" Lisa says. "I would say that was probably one of the worst reactions I have ever seen."

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Oprah disagrees. "Everybody seems to be disappointed in park ranger Shelton's reaction but me," Oprah says. "The kind of guy who would write you that letter is not the kind of guy who's going to show up on The Price Is Right with a couple balloons wrapped around his head and do the shimmy when he sees you. I thought he was exactly what he needed to be in that moment."