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After the challenge ends, Lisa and her team compile the footage they've been shooting and turn it into a show with Kathy Freston and food expert Michael Pollan. "I'm so proud of the people here at Harpo. They're always usually up for anything," Lisa says. "And I think that's what life is about. It's about trying different things."

Some Harpo staffers say they're ready to make a permanent change. "Many years ago, I was a vegetarian, and so this really agrees with me," director Joe says. "I have more energy."

Oprah says Stedman wants to continue, but she's ready to incorporate some animal products back into her diet. "I thought it was great for all of Harpo, but it was a little hard for me for the first four days," Oprah says. "I'm not fully ready to never have another piece of fish. ... I would say I'm veganish."
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After taping, Oprah is happy with the entire experience. "I think that that show accomplished exactly what it set out to do," Oprah says. "The show was not set out to make everybody become a vegan. The show was to explore the possibility of you thinking differently about a plant-based diet and perhaps maybe leaning in to being more healthy. And I certainly think it accomplished that."

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