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Oprah Show executive producer Sheri wants to take Harpo where it's never gone before. "We've done so many shows on food that you need to make sure you have some new things to talk about and to say," she says. "So what we came up with is to have everybody here at Harpo go vegan for one week."

A vegan diet is completely plant based, and no animal-based products are eaten at all. If Oprah agrees, Sheri, senior supervising producer Lisa and producer Eric plan to bring in vegan expert Kathy Freston to lead a workshop on giving a vegan lifestyle a go. "It's one week out of their life. And maybe it's not on everybody's to-do list," Lisa says. "But if they do it, maybe everybody will move a little bit more in the direction of compassion towards animals and eating less meat."

Sheri pitches Oprah, who also pledges to take the challenge. "I think that's exciting," Oprah says. "I thought that was a really good idea because there's always pleasure in greater numbers."

Watch Oprah share her vegan tips during a preshow meeting


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