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During the military families preshow meeting, Dana tells Oprah for the first time that the first lady will be a part of the taping. Oprah wants to know how the booking came about.

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Oprah says she's careful not to use her friendship with President and first lady Obama inappropriately. "I said before he was elected and certainly after he was elected, 'I don't want to in any way be seen as using my relationship, my friendship with the president for anything ever,'" Oprah says. "That is a rule that cannot be crossed."

As it turns out, first lady Obama asked to be a part of the show. "Our booking team's always in touch with the White House," Sheri says. "They had discussed that if you're ever doing anything with military families, we're on board."

Oprah is excited about the first lady's involvement—and the fact that the show will give viewers solid ideas on how to help. "I could weep over this," Oprah says. "It was very important to me that people would have a takeaway, that you would walk away from the show saying, 'I can do [this.]'"