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Because time is running so long, other guests Leslie booked have to be cut. "In the show, we have various viewers in the audience who wrote in, and they have questions about happiness. Sheri didn't feel like we had any time to get to those, and we didn't," Leslie says. "Did I stack the deck with too many guests? Probably."

Oprah isn't happy about Leslie's overbooking. "I think it's the biggest mistake a producer can make because I'm thinking about the person who has to get cut," Oprah says. "I have been told over the years by various producers that, 'Oh, that person doesn't mind.' I know that is never true. Because if I put myself in that person's position, I would think, 'Of course I mind. I've already told my mother. I've already told my friends. I've told at least 10 people that I'm going to be on The Oprah Show.' Then how do you go back and say, 'Didn't happen, I got cut.'"

Oprah is even unhappier that a mistake like this was made in her final season. "It irritates me more the 25th season than it has in prior seasons because I figure, by 25 years, you should figure that out," Oprah says. "We've seen Leslie's other work. She's a really fine producer, but she's ultimately in charge. And some mistakes were made with this show."