Firefighter John Morabito
Firefighter John Morabito, FDNY, Ladder Co. 10, was the only firefighter in the lobby of the South Tower to survive the collapse of the building. After his miraculous escape, he finds out that his brother, also a firefighter, is still missing. As John walks across the street to get a drink of water from a trickling fire hydrant, he looks up and sees his brother walking over for a drink as well. "We grab each other. We hug. We said, we'll stay down here to do whatever we can," John says.

That night, John walks home across the Brooklyn Bridge, and is joined by a construction worker who walks with him. The two discuss the days events, and the man says, "God has a bigger plan. He made you survive for a reason. You have to tell your story and you have to let everyone know about your guys and keep their memory alive."

Upon reaching the other side, Morabito is greeted by a group of police officers, and they tell him that John walked alone the whole time. Was this construction worker a guardian angel?