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SEASON 2, EPISODE 201 | AIRED ON 01/08/12

Oprah's Master Class with Goldie Hawn

From the age of 11, Goldie Hawn knew her goal in life. It wasn't to be a dancer or an entertainer or even an actress. She simply wanted to be happy. Even from such an early age, this guiding principle has been at the core of her most valuable life lessons. Growing up in Takoma Park, Maryland, where being yourself became more important than being perfect, Goldie was on a path toward a simple life: marry, raise kids, run a dance studio. But her life took a dramatically different turn.

Success came early, but the lessons of her childhood were never far from her mind. Goldie's father told her to always keep her feet on the ground, and even an Oscar® and a successful feature-film career did not change her.

Goldie looks back on her life and shares the wisdom she has accrued not only from her entertainment career but also from her family life, giving valuable insight into her experiences raising children and fostering her long-standing relationship with Kurt Russell.