SEASON 1, EPISODE 106 | AIRED ON 10/01/12

The Breakthrough

Despite his decision to date another woman, Ron tells matchmakers Paul and Kailen he wants a second chance with Anya. Anya agrees to spend an evening with Ron at Justin's Miracle Field, and together they help disabled children experience the joys of baseball.

Meanwhile, Kailen helps transform a donated building in downtown Kingsland into a meeting space for local charities, and Paul sits down with an estranged mother and daughter to help them heal.

Paul also answers a call from Alex, a local teen, who's experiencing discrimination at his church after coming out as bisexual. Paul offers words of encouragement and promises to help repair this issue.

Then, Dan gets set up on a date unlike any he's had before—a night out with Kailen. During their heart-to-heart, Kailen helps him get to the root of his issues with women.

Finally, the community and the singles—including new couple Franchesca and Charles—come together at the Heart & Soul BBQ.