SEASON 1, EPISODE 108 | AIRED ON 10/01/12

Oprah Returns to Lovetown

Oprah returns to Kingsland to find out how focusing on love for the past 30 days has changed the town. The series has been building to a final night at the Loveball.

The singles have been the focus of this experiment: Can they love themselves enough to open up to love with another person? Franchesca decides it's time to introduce her daughter to Charles. The stakes are high for this devoted single mom. At Lovetown Headquarters, Dan—the single best known for dating drama—admits that he's asked two women to the Loveball. Then, Ron reveals that he's not ready to make a commitment to Anya.

As the Lovetown experiment comes to an end, the town buzzes with excitement. Dressed to impress, everyone gathers for one last celebration. Before the party gets started, Oprah takes a moment to talk to those affected most by this experiment and has a heart-to-heart with Anya.

Finally, Oprah toasts Lovetown and concludes the experiment with a spectacular fireworks show!