SEASON 1, EPISODE 103 | AIRED ON 09/02/12

Love Overboard?

After challenging the rival dance studios to put on a joint performance, Paul stops by rehearsal and is happy to discover that the owners' newfound respect for each other has begun to spread to the children. Next, Paul takes on a feud between neighbors. The claws come out as accusations of cat hoarding and possible drug running surface.

Back at headquarters, Paul and Kailen check in with the singles. Alicia, a 27-year-old battling pancreatic cancer, tells them that chemotherapy has taken a toll on her health. They all agree that Alicia should put her search for a soul mate on hold while she focuses on her health.

As the town comes together for family movie night, Paul and Kailen catch up with the singles to see how their dates went. The night is going great until one of our singles gets stood up...and Martina drops a huge bombshell.

Finally, it's time for the dance studios to take center stage and perform as one troupe. Will their hard work pay off?