SEASON 1, EPISODE 104 | AIRED ON 09/17/12

Indecent Proposal

Matchmakers Paul Brunson and Kailen Rosenberg have their work cut out for them. First, they sit down with Martina, a single mom, who recently reconnected with a man from her past. Martina reveals details of her forbidden relationship with her former foster uncle and drops a bombshell—he asked her to marry him!

Then, Paul and Kailen rally the Army of Volunteers and challenge them to get more community members involved. These citizens also come together to help Edgar, a local teenager, who lost an arm when he was 14 years old.

Meanwhile, Franchesca agrees to go on a second date with Justin, which goes awry after their nude drawing class. Lesson learned: Too many drinks are a turn off. Dan and Ron decide to play the field and ask to be set up with new women. On his golf date with an aspiring model, Dan discovers the two have nothing in common. Ron, however, hits it off with Jeanelle, a single mom.

Finally, country star Sara Evans brings the community together during the Lovetown Art Walk!