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SEASON 1, EPISODE 110 | AIRED ON 06/26/13

Episode 110: "Love Thy Celibacy"

Marty invites Linda to his annual office costume party. This year the theme is the Roaring Twenties, and Linda agrees to go. During her preparation for the party, however, Hattie misinterprets a conversation that she has with Linda about celibacy, which in turn leads Hattie to mislead Danny into thinking that Linda has turned to a life of prostitution.

Later, Danny's nightmare seems to be further realized when he sees Linda and Marty in their costumes—Linda as a flapper, and Marty as a pimp. Danny tries to defend his mother's honor by not allowing her to go out with Marty. Linda finally sets the record straight when she tells everyone that she has not turned to prostitution, but rather that she has decided to live a life of celibacy.