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SEASON 1, EPISODE 106 | AIRED ON 06/12/13

Episode 106: "Love Thy Journey"

Linda has a busy day of job hunting lined up, and Hattie gives her daughter some advice on how to make a good impression for her interview.

Later, Vivian, the woman who owns a competing restaurant and the building that Floyd works for, visits the Love Train Diner and asks for Floyd's assistance. He leaves, and Hattie lets Linda, who has returned from her interview, run the diner while Hattie runs to the bank. Unfortunately, though, the health inspector pays a surprise visit to the diner, and because of Linda's negligence, he shuts down the restaurant.

Later, the health inspector returns and flirts with Linda, and with his help, Floyd and Linda are able to get the Love Train Diner back up to code and open the doors once again.