Andre Hall, Darmirra Brunson, Jonathan Chase
Danny wakes up at the bachelor pad he shares with Sam, refreshed and in a great mood. For the first time ever, Sam has not partied the weekend away. Danny is cheerful and ready for work, and as Drew stops by the apartment, she is also shocked to find that it's clean and quiet inside. Drew, however, is suspicious as to what is behind Sam's sudden change of heart, and as she and Danny talk about it, Sam comes out of his room, not at all ready for work and in a complete state of panic.

When Danny and Drew finally get Sam to spill the beans, he reveals that the girl he brought home the previous night, Heather, is still in his room—and he can't wake her up. "She's dead!" Sam tells them. Danny and Drew try to calm Sam down enough to hear the whole story about the previous night. Once they hear it, Drew decides that she and Danny should go into the room and double-check Heather for a heartbeat.

Sam, not able to bring himself back into the room where the "body" is, stays in the living room. Then, Danny comes back out and somberly informs Sam that he needs to talk to him about something in his bedroom. While they are away from the front door, Drew sneaks a very much alive Heather out of the apartment. To teach Sam a lesson, Drew and Danny make him believe that Heather really is dead in the other room and that Sam is to blame, advising him to get a lawyer. Ultimately, they reveal to Sam that Heather had a medical condition, revealed by a medical alert bracelet, and that she really was just asleep the whole time.


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