Linda, Marty, Danny and Hattie
Marty, the handsome health inspector who has made it no secret that he has a crush on Linda, comes by the Love Train Diner to invite her to his annual office party. This year, the costume theme is the Roaring Twenties, and Linda agrees to go. One night, while Linda is planning her outfit for the upcoming party, Hattie misinterprets a conversation with Linda about celibacy. Hattie thinks that Linda says "sell a bit" instead of "celibate," and is convinced that Linda has turned to selling "every little bit" of her body until she gets married. Hattie tries to give Linda advice about "mens," saying that Linda stands to lose Marty's affections if she doesn't have sex with him. Linda remains convinced that the right man will understand her vow of celibacy.

Danny comes over right after the misunderstanding between Hattie and Linda. Hattie, still under the false impression that Linda plans on selling her body, misleads Danny into thinking that his mother has turned to a life of prostitution. Completely distraught by this information, Danny begins to do some research on the Internet to see if his mother is listed as an escort online. When Danny confides in Floyd, Sam and Drew about the situation, they laugh at him, leaving him to deal with it on his own.

Later, Danny's nightmare seems to be further realized when he sees Linda getting ready to go out—in a flapper costume. Marty arrives to pick her up at Hattie's house, dressed like a Roaring Twenties pimp, and Danny tries to defend his mother's honor by not allowing her to go out with Marty. Linda sets the record straight when she tells everyone that she has not turned to prostitution, but rather that she has decided to live a life of celibacy.


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