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Later that same day, Hattie is on the couch enjoying a TV show when Linda returns from her interview. She tells Hattie that she didn't get the job but that she has another interview shortly. Before Linda can even sit down, Hattie tells her that she has to get going for her next interview.

"Mama, if I leave now, I'll be an hour early," Linda says.

"The only way to ensure that you aren't late is to go early!" Hattie says.

"I don't like you pressuring me like this to perform," Linda says.

"Uh, baby, my men got used to it, and you need to get used to it too!" Hattie says while escorting Linda to the door. Before sending Linda on her way, Hattie unbuttons the top few buttons on her daughter's shirt. When Linda asks what she's doing, Hattie says, "I'm giving you an advantage!"

"Mama, that's inappropriate," Linda says.

"Baby, being broke is inappropriate!" Hattie says. "Now, let 'the girls' lead the way and show 'em what your mama gave you!"

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