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Danny is at work and leaves yet another message for his mother, getting increasingly worried about her since Hattie kicked her out of the diner earlier that day. Drew, in turn, is concerned about her crush, Danny. At 5 p.m., Danny gets up and walks toward the door.

"Wait, where are you going?" Drew says.

"To find my mother," Danny says.

"Aw, don't worry about her; she'll come back!" Sam says. "Like this...reoccurring problem that I have," he says, referring to a problem of a very personal nature.

"Sam," Danny says, shaking his head, "for just once, can you just help me this time?"

"Yeah, seriously. For once, Sam, be a friend!" Drew says. "I'll help you, Danny."

"Fine, I'll pick up the keg myself!" Sam says as Danny and Drew rush out of the office.

"Fine, I'll help you look for her," Sam says out loud after everyone has left the room. "I almost made it through the whole day without having to do someone a favor." Sam pouts as he makes his way to the door.

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