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Sam, thinking he is alone in his and Danny's bachelor pad, dances into his kitchen to look in the fridge—completely in the nude. Just then, Danny's mother, Linda, lets herself into the apartment with an armload of groceries.

After an awkward encounter proving that Sam is not in the least bit shy about his body, Linda asks him to put some clothes on. When Sam returns, Linda asks what he'd like for breakfast.

"How about an order of 'can you call before you come?'" Sam says.

"I'm sorry, what was that?" Linda says.

"I'm good. I'll just have a 'please, get the hell out of here' omelet with a large glass of 'you've got to be kidding me' juice," Sam says.

Moments after their banter is over, Sam realizes that Danny has given Linda a key to their apartment—and that she has no problem coming over unannounced.

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Sam goes into Danny's room to confront him about getting the key back while Linda makes the boys breakfast, but Danny, citing the fact that his mother is going through a rough patch, won't do it.


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