SEASON 1, EPISODE 101 | AIRED ON 03/09/14

Part One

Upon completion of her sixth stay in court-ordered rehab, Lindsay Lohan has decided to leave Los Angeles for a fresh start. After going through a decade's worth of belongings, Lindsay arrives in New York. Accompanied with her new assistant, Matt, and her sober coach, Michael, she moves into a hotel and begins her search for an apartment. With many of her possessions in her mother's garage, Lindsay takes a trip out to Long Island. The visit is an emotional walk down memory lane.

Meanwhile, Lindsay's search for an apartment is lasting much longer than anticipated, creating a tremendous amount of anxiety.

A few days later, Lindsay arrives on the set of a short film. Although she had agreed to appear in the piece, she soon clashes with the producer over creative changes. Later, she attends a fashion show in which her sister is a model, but her search for an apartment overshadows the event. Balancing the demands of work and sobriety are a daily battle, and the threat of relapse is constant.