La Toya
La Toya Jackson at the OWN offices in Los Angeles.

Did you know that La Toya Jackson, her brother Michael and Kathy Hilton (yes, that Kathy Hilton) were best friends when they were in high school? True story. Did you know that when they were teenagers, they made a pact to name their first born "Paris?" Michael did. Kathy did too. La Toya? Check (she named her first dog Paris). Here are 4 other facts about one of pop's most famous (and widely-reported-on) sisters:

This is an edited and condensed version of our conversation:

Her style icons:

I love the way women dressed years ago: Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn.

The outfit from her past she regrets wearing:

Yes. It was on the cover of one of the magazines when I lived in London: These striped bell bottom pants—black and white. Just awful. It's one of those things, like, "what was I thinking?"

Her restaurant rule:

I love tablecloths I think people should eat with tablecloths, I do! And I won't go places that don't have it.

What she really felt about confronting Omarosa on All-Star Celebrity Apprentice:

It's the first time I stood up for myself and I surprised myself. I was about to faint. I was so nervous. I had to really say "La Toya, please stay strong and stand up to her." My legs were so weak.

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