SEASON 3, EPISODE 311 | AIRED ON 12/07/13

Fix My Secret Affair

Life coach Iyanla Vanzant travels to the suburbs of Detroit to help a husband and wife in breakdown. Felisha tells Iyanla that her husband's online affair has made her very angry and that she feels she may never be able to forgive him. However, Felisha's anger has also been used to cover up her well-kept secret—her own affair from years past that could ultimately destroy her marriage. Felisha's husband, Don, reveals to Iyanla that his wife accused him of deliberately causing a car accident while they were arguing. The crash left her severely injured and him guilt-ridden. Iyanla realizes that both Felisha and Don have been living in their marriage with their backs to each other. She works to help them acknowledge each other's pain, and starts the couple on the path to forgiveness, which is essential to the survival of their relationship.