SEASON 1, EPISODE 103 | AIRED ON 09/29/12

Fix My Mistake

Mistakes that negatively affect an entire family can be difficult to navigate. Iyanla travels to Battle Creek, Nebraska, to meet with a woman trying to put her family back together after an affair tore them apart. Amy was married for 16 years and had two teenage sons when she moved 1,000 miles away to be with a new man. Now, that relationship is over, and Amy says she wants to come back home.

Over the past three years, Amy has tried to return to her old life six times—and didn't stay. She hasn't seen her sons in five months when Iyanla joins her in Battle Creek to support her through her last chance to make peace with her family.

With only 48 hours to start the healing of wounds that have been festering for years, Iyanla digs deep with every member of the family to find out if this is a home that can be rebuilt.