SEASON 3, EPISODE 302 | AIRED ON 08/03/13

Fix My Full House

In response to a letter requesting assistance, Iyanla travels to Maryland to help Alexis with her mother, Carrie, who has been lashing out with angry words and violent actions. Iyanla soon realizes that, below the surface, the bad situation is far more complex. Carrie's husband, Will, has invited 14 freeloading family houseguests into their home without her permission.

After sending Carrie away for the day to diffuse the situation, Iyanla is shocked to hear the family refer to Carrie as a "witch," and is saddened upon learning that her anger and drinking started years prior upon losing her firstborn to crib death. Iyanla quickly ascertains that the whole family has problems, not just Carrie. Iyanla is overwhelmed by emotion upon hearing of Carrie's tragic loss and how her family has chosen to denigrate her rather than understanding the painful reasons behind her actions. For the first time, an emotional Iyanla is not sure if she can help.