SEASON 1, EPISODE 106 | AIRED ON 10/06/12

Fix My Backstabbing Friends

Chicago is a city of 1.3 million women. Now, Iyanla is traveling to the Windy City to find out why six of them can't get along.

The Six Brown Chicks was a group of savvy bloggers, who set out to do good for other women. Together, Zondra, Shoya, Kayann, Gina, Yanni and Dawj took off. In just a few weeks, the Six Brown Chicks caught the attention of a local television station. Webisodes were produced, and a potential show was in the works.

Six months later, the partnership crumbled due to jealousy, anger and backstabbing. Now, there is no television show, the blog is stalled, and their relationships are torn apart.

In order to mend their destructive friendship—and dispel the myth that women can't trust each other—Iyanla puts all six women together for a retreat they'll never forget.