SEASON 3, EPISODE 314 | AIRED ON 10/30/13

Episode 314: "Trouble in Paradise"

Upon arriving at Lady Angie's Salon, Leslie sees Keisha sitting in her car crying. Eventually, Keisha comes into the salon and tells Angela that Marcus and the guys have a bunch of women over at the C-Sports Now studio. Angela doesn't believe Keisha, so Keisha convinces her to go over to the studio and see for herself.

When Angela arrives at the studio, Marcus is forthright and tells her about Todd's plan to use the pageant to hook Joseph up with a woman. After Angela calmly accepts Marcus' explanation, Keisha unintentionally reveals her true motive, which was for Angela to come shut down the pageant because Richard wouldn't. However, once Angela sees the beautiful contestants in bikinis, she does exactly what Keisha had hoped by kicking all the beautiful women out of the newsroom.