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11. Dr. Marvin Thompson (aka Dr. T)

The heart and soul of John Mac, Dr. Marvin Thompson, captivated us with his no-nonsense approach to taking on a challenging situation. From, his dedication to inspiring the teachers to be better, to the way he connects with his students to his inspirational speeches and an occasional dose of tough love... there were so many moments to choose from, here are just a few of our favorites:

There was this video of when Dr. T visits a student at home who was shot.

Then there was this moment when Dr. T levels with gentle giant and bi-polar student, Courtney.

After the incident with Courtney, Dr. T realized there was a bigger problem with mental illness with his students, and held this meeting with his school nurse and counselor Ms. Riley.

And finally, the fact that Dr. T believes in second chances. Watch video of that here.

Read Dr. T's full bio here.

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