Have you ever cheated on a significant other?
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Have you ever cheated on a significant other? Has a significant other ever cheated on you?

Most people have experienced infidelity at some point in their lives and the Internet is making cheating easier and more convenient than ever. It is widely known that the initial excitement and passion of a relationship fades away with time. The infatuation stage of a relationship usually fades for all couples anywhere from six months to three years into it. However, this doesn't mean that the relationship is dying. It is simply evolving into something even more beautiful: the attachment phase. During the attachment phase, couples experience a softer, sweeter form of love. Helen Fisher, the author of The Anatomy of Love, describes the attachment phase as "the most elegant of human feelings, that sense of contentment, of sharing, of oneness with another human being."
It is sad to think that some people would throw away this elegant form of love in order to experience a cheap affair in a hotel room. If you are in a committed relationship and you are becoming bored with your sexual routine, think before you cheat. In my experience, I have found that if both members of a couple are upfront about what they would like to improve in their sexual relationship, it is always possible to get them there. Be honest with your partner about your need for a more passionate sex life, and then take the necessary steps to get there. Take a romantic vacation or meet each other at a local hotel for a sexy night of fun. Buy each other racy gifts and give each other sensual massages. In long-term relationships, it is natural and healthy for passion and excitement to take a little work.


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